If you see a celebrity discussing a product publicly, they are likely doing so for one of two reasons. The first is that they signed a sponsorship deal and receive money to advertise the item. The second is that they actually like the product and use it themselves.

When it comes to CBD products, it can even be a combination of the two. Many stars have tried a cannabis-based product and liked the effects they experienced. As a result, they made a deal with a particular company to spread the word about them.

Let’s look at some of the most famous stars who openly talk about using CBD, and why they do it. Keep in mind that none of the anecdotal claims listed below have been evaluated or approved by the FDA.

Rob Gronkowski

Our list of celebrities using CBD includes many athletes. Although scientific research is necessary to confirm many of the suggested benefits of cannabidiol, some professional athletes who use this component have spoken publicly about the effects they feel.

In some cases, athletes claim CBD helps them to reduce anxiety. That can be important ahead of an important competition. It allows an athlete to focus on the performance, which can lead to better results.

Another reason why athletes like CBD is the claim that this compound may be able to help with pain relief. Since professionals are frequently dealing with muscle strains and injuries, relieving pain might help them to stay on track when it comes to training and matches.

Rob Gronkowski, a former NFL player who played for the New England Patriots, is one of those who discussed using CBD. Gronkowski became an NFL champion with the Patriots on multiple occasions, which earned him a great reputation in the world of sports.

He talked about playing soccer with his friends during the summer. In a podcast, Gronkowski revealed he was in New Hampshire participating in a soccer match, and he had to deal with three severely stubbed toes. The athlete revealed they were playing barefoot, and his girlfriend was on the opposing team.

Gronkowski noted that they didn’t have any experience playing soccer, which led to another player stepping on his toes.

That is when Gronkowski’s father came to the rescue with CBD cream. The player claims the topical application managed to soothe the pain almost instantly and enabled him to push through the rest of the day.

Terrell Davis

Let’s stay in the world of sports and mention another NFL player who likes using CBD. Terrell Davis played for the Denver Broncos as a running back. He revealed in an interview that he discovered CBD late in his career. According to Davis, if he found it sooner, his career would have lasted longer. The running back had problems with knee injuries, which often kept him on the sidelines.

Davis was so thrilled with CBD that he decided to invest in the industry. His choice was a beverage designed to help wellness enthusiasts and sports fans. The athlete describes that CBD had multiple positive benefits on his body. He claims that knee inflammation and joint pain are gone, and he even stopped taking migraine medicines.

Tom Hanks

We are continuing the list with actors and starting with arguably the most famous name on the list. You surely know Tom Hanks from movies like Forrest Gump, Sully, Splash, You’ve Got Mail, and more. Millions of people throughout the world love him, which is why they are willing to listen to what he has to say.

Hanks frequently discussed CBD use and how it helped him deal with anxiety. The actor has even invested in CBD research, primarily focusing on Type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, some companies even falsely used Hanks’s name in trying to advertise their products. But that only confirms how popular Hanks is, which is why it’s believed that he is one of the major cannabidiol advocates in the world.

Jennifer Aniston

You surely know Jennifer Aniston from Friends, since her portrayal of Rachel Green earned her a Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe. Aniston has remained active after the show ended and has filmed dozens of movies since then.

The actress discussed using CBD in a Us Magazine interview. According to her, CBD helps in multiple ways. Aniston is using it for pain relief, as well as to deal with anxiety and stress. That can be necessary when you are working as much as her.

Morgan Freeman

Few people in the world haven’t watched at least one movie with Morgan Freeman. He started acting decades ago and is now one of the top 10 box office celebrities if you consider earnings. Some of the most popular films Freeman participated in include the Dark Knight trilogy, Deep Impact, and Seven.

Freeman claims CBD helped him after his life was changed by a car accident in 2008. The actor believes that cannabidiol was of assistance in treating the chronic pain he felt after the accident.

Kim Kardashian

Whether you love or hate her, you can’t deny that Kim Kardashian is one of the most popular celebrities in the world. It seems that Kardashian also fell under the influence of CBD products. You can find a story on her Instagram that includes a CBD salve beauty product. It remains unclear whether this is an advertisement, or Kardashian is using cannabidiol as a part of her beauty routine.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio is arguably the most famous supermodel using these products.

As Ambrosio explained, high-quality sleep is crucial for beauty. That is why she aims to get at least eight hours of it ahead of a fashion show. That is not always easy, which is why the Brazilian supermodel uses cannabidiol. According to her explanation, it helps her to fall asleep faster by getting her racing thoughts to slow down.

What Are the Most Popular CBD Products Out There?

Many celebrities are using and investing in various types of CBD products. You can choose between hundreds of CBD brands and product types. Following is a brief overview of the most popular items among consumers throughout the world.

Pure CBD Oil

This is the basic form of cannabidiol derived from the hemp plant. CBD oil comes in small bottles and can vary in strength and purity. Assuming the company that manufactures the oil follows federal regulations, the THC quantity will be under 0.3%. That means the product won’t have any psychoactive properties. You can confirm that by reading the label and the Certificate of Analysis.

Two methods of using CBD oil are available to users. The first one is using product sublingually. Although not all users like this, and it might attract attention in public, it ensures that CBD gets into your system quickly.

The alternative is to add the oil to the food you are preparing. The good news is that you can add it to almost anything. It is important to follow the recommended dosage. According to experts, the optimal dosage depends on the individual, and it takes trial and error until you find it.

CBD Edibles and Beverages

If you don’t feel like adding CBD to your food, how about purchasing a pre-infused edible or beverage? Athletes frequently resort to these solutions. They choose an energy bar containing CBD so that they can get the energy from carbs and test the potential of cannabidiol. Alternatively, beverages are also popular, especially drinks designed for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Those who are not into sports, and not opposed to taking sweets, may select sweetened edibles infused with CBD. Popular forms include CBD gummies and even chocolate containing this compound. People enjoy CBD edibles because they are an excellent choice to use on the go.

Other Popular CBD Products

Here is a list of some other CBD products popular among both stars and other users:

  • Topical creams – since some users don’t want CBD to affect their entire body, a topical cream might be a smart choice. The transdermal application ensures that the product acts almost immediately and targets a specific part of the body where applied.
  • Capsules – many users consider CBD capsules the easiest way of taking the compound. Additionally, the alleged effects might last longer than with other alternatives.
  • Beauty items – CBD beauty products have been popular for years now. Manufacturers are adding cannabidiol in bath bombs to improve its soothing properties, and you can also find skincare and makeup products containing cannabidiol.

The emergence of a wide range of products and brands is another confirmation of CBD’s increasing popularity. Although it is nice to see the stars using these products, it is important to distinguish between those who are honest users, and those only promoting it for money.

Are you ready to test the effects of CBD for yourself? Be sure that the CBD products you purchase are from a trusted source. At buyCBDproducts.com, every product we offer is GMO-free, organic, and tested in a third-party laboratory.