These days, you can hear about cannabidiol (CBD) almost everywhere, especially in the sports industry. An increasing number of athletes are speaking about its potential benefits.

CBD use is heavily talked about in boxing. Are you wondering what the effects of CBD are in boxing? Which boxers are using it, and how are they doing it? This article will provide you with all of the information that you want to know.

Isn't CBD Illegal in Sports?

CBD used to be banned in the world of sports, but this has changed, thanks to the decision that the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) made in October 2018.

WADA is the agency that governs substance use in the sports industry. Their purpose is to ensure that sports organizations remain drug-free. 

CBD was previously included in WADA’s list of prohibited substances for athletes. In 2018, they announced that they were finally removing CBD from the list. This means that WADA no longer prohibits athletes from using this substance. 

It is important to note that only cannabidiol (CBD) has been removed from the list. WADA still prohibits the consumption of other cannabinoids, including natural cannabinoids such as hashish, marijuana, and cannabis, as well as synthetic cannabinoids. 

With this in mind, you should choose the CBD products that you will use wisely. To ensure this, we recommend CBD isolates that have been extracted from the hemp plant. 

Who's Using CBD in Boxing

Many athletes rejoiced when they heard about the change in WADA policy. There are already many professional boxers who are using CBD. Some of these athletes, such as Teofimo Lopez and Shannon Briggs. publicly promote the use of CBD in boxing. 

Teofimo Lopez

Teofimo is a lightweight boxer of mixed Honduran American nationality. Lopez turned professional at age 19 in 2016. Despite his young age, he has already bagged the 2015 Golden Gloves in Honduras, and competed in the Olympics in 2016.

On his way to the top, Lopez received a sponsorship from a CBD company. According to him, he uses oral CBD products in hopes of facilitate his physical and mental recovery. Additionally, he also claims to apply CBD cream on his skin looking for fast pain relief.  

Teofimo Lopez may be fairly new to the industry, but he is a rising star in the boxing world. He is committed to promoting CBD as a potential alternative to painkillers, and plans on using his growing influence in the sports industry to bring this knowledge not just to boxers but also to other athletes in the industry.

Shannon Briggs

Shannon is a veteran heavyweight boxer. In his 25 years in the industry, he was heavyweight championship twice (1996–1997 and 2006–2007). Throughout his career, Briggs won 60 fights and lost only 8 matches. 

Sadly, Briggs suffered a mental breakdown after a 2010 loss to Vitali Klitschko. As a result, his weight ballooned up to 400 pounds. In 2014, he made a big comeback at age 45. Briggs no longer suffers from depression, and was able to lose 160 lbs. In April 2014, he started competing once again and won a few bouts. Briggs attributed much of his recovery to the use of CBD.

Ever since then, he has campaigned for the change of CBD regulations in the United States. In fact, Briggs was one of the professional boxers who publicly showed their appreciation for the shift in WADA rules in 2018.

In addition to campaigning for the use of CBD, Briggs is also dedicated to fighting the opioid epidemic that is currently plaguing the sports industry in particular and the United States in general. The use of these highly addictive painkillers may lead to dangerous side effects or even death in the long run. CBD is thought to be a potentially safer alternative to such medications, although this has not been backed by scientific research.

Understanding the Demands of Boxing Training

To understand just how physically demanding boxing is, let’s look at what goes into a match.

A professional boxing match is comprised of 12 3-minute rounds. The match is shortened if one boxer knocks out his or her opponent. 

In the event that neither competitor is knocked out, three judges determine the winner based on performance in each round. 36 minutes may not sound like a long time, but an extraordinary fitness level is required to box effectively for this period of time. Just like other athletes, boxers undergo rigorous training to prepare for a fight.

Boxing training includes simulation of the actual boxing match and various weight exercises that target different parts of the body, including abdominals, biceps and triceps, legs, chest, neck, shoulders, and the cardiovascular system. 

In addition to the demanding training, boxers are also at risk of injury, the majority of which are head injuries. Other possible injuries that boxers may encounter are abdominal injuries, eye injuries, and skull and smaller bone fractures. Because of the physical demands of training, body aches and pains are common for boxers. Due to the risk of injury, a boxer needs to ensure proper recovery. It is difficult for a fighter to go through the entire process without taking any pain medications or supplements.

How Can Boxers Potentially Benefit from CBD

Many boxers have become intrigued by the use of CBD because of its potential benefits. Here are some potential benefits of CBD in boxing:

CBD and pain.

CBD is believed to act on our Endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is the system responsible for managing pain and inflammation. As of now, there is no clear way of knowing how the substance affects the ECS. There are two hypotheses, though. One is that CBD may stimulate the ECS to produce more cannabinoids. Second, it may attach to CB receptors in the system. 

CBD and sleep.

As mentioned, recovery is of paramount importance to a boxer. After all, it is during recovery that their muscles grow and strengthen. 

Aside from muscle repair and growth, the body produces more hormones like testosterone while we sleep. It is also the time when the glymphatic system clears the toxic chemical buildup in our brains and body. Research suggests that CBD stimulates the function of our endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is one system that is responsible for sleep regulation. 

CBD and recovery.

Numerous bodily functions, such as inflammation, are regulated by the ECS. The faster the inflammation subsides, the faster the recovery of the boxer will be.

CBD and neuroprotection.

With contact sports like boxing, the head is always at risk. Head trauma may cause damage to brain cells and ultimately lead to the onset of neurodegenerative conditions. Research is exploring the potential of CBD to stimulate the growth of healthy brain cells, which would be of utmost value to boxers.

Final Thoughts on CBD in Boxing

Studies are still needed to further explore the possible benefits of CBD in the boxing world. But since WADA has lifted the ban on this substance, boxers are now free to test the substance and discover how it can be helpful to them.

Please bear in mind that some CBD products may contain cannabinoids that are still banned by WADA. If you consume such a product, you risk disqualification, so you should choose the products wisely.

If you are living in an area where CBD is still banned, you should follow the CBD rules in your country because WADA policy does not supersede government laws. 

CBD may potentially offer numerous benefits, but using the wrong product can provide even higher risk. That is why you should exercise caution when choosing and using CBD for boxing. If you are looking for high quality, organic, GMO-free cannabidiol, browse the offerings at today.